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Meet Harini Sarma

The Architect of Your Transformation

A Force of nature, Passionate Dancer and a Loving Teacher – Harini Sarma is a Champion of Human Empowerment. She hails from Chennai, with over 9 yrs of experience in Afro-Latin dance forms. Her quest for knowledge knows no bounds. She’s a perpetual student, traversing across 25+ countries, absorbing wisdom from international maestros, and infusing it into her teachings for her students and the community. Harini has been invited to perform and share her knowledge in 10+ National and International festivals in the past five years alone. Her performances aren’t just about dance; they’re a celebration of Empowerment—a testament to her belief in the transformative power of movement.

Beyond the dance floor, Harini is a Chartered Accountant and holds a senior-level corporate position as a Transformation Excellence Manager. Her professional acumen serves as a complement to her artistic endeavours, effecting positive change both on and off the dance floor.

As a loving teacher, Harini radiates warmth and guidance, nurturing her students to discover their inner strength. Her true mission lies in empowering women of all shapes, sizes and hues. Through movement and expression, she endeavours to instill confidence, heal wounds, and ignite the flames of reinvention within every woman she encounters.

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